Regency Clothing

One of the biggest draws to the Jane Austen Festival in Bath is that for 10 days of the year it is completely acceptable to meander around Bath in full Regency costume! And no one blinks an eyelid, on the contrary you’ll probably find you turn into mini celebrities for the week!

However, don’t worry it is not mandatory to be in costume for the whole Festival! Only two of our events have a strict Regency dress code, the Grand Regency Promenade, and the Masked Ball held in the Pump Rooms.

If it’s your first time in the world of Jane Austen, or you’re simply new to the whole dressing up idea, our guide will give you a few pointers in the direction of finding that perfect Regency outfit. (These pages are meant as a guide for Regency outfits only, it may not be completely historically accurate)

Lady’s Regency Wardrobe

Gentleman’s Regency Wardrobe

Now you’ve read through what you need to become the next Jane Austen Festival fashion icon, below are a few links and tips to creating your own outfit.

Creating your own Regency outfit

Hire or Buy a Regency Costume