Building Austen’s world: architectural fact and fiction in Jane Austen

Saturday, September 22, 2018
11:45 am - 12:45 pm

What would Pride and Prejudice be without the view of Pemberley? How would the progress of Persuasion change without those steps in Lyme? Buildings, streets and settings are vital characters in the novels of Jane Austen. They reveal to the reader in a couple of sentences, or even just a few words, key insights into not just Austen’s literary world, but into the reality of her life in Georgian England. This talk by Dr Amy Frost, will explore the fact and fiction of Jane Austen’s architecture creations.

Dr Amy Frost is Senior Curator of the Bath Preservation Trust, specialising in eighteenth and early nineteenth century architecture and an expert on the eccentric William Beckford. Also a part-time teaching Fellow at the School of Architecture at the University of Bath, Dr Frost is a knowledgeable Austen aficionado.

Tickets: £14

(also available on the door 30 minutes before performance)


PLEASE NOTE: Venue is The Mission Theatre




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