Gentleman’s Regency Wardrobe

Regency fashions for men were characterised by a tailored silhouette. Military, Navy and Army uniforms also had an influence on fashion during the Regency period, with many gentleman’s outfits having elements of them included in the design.

Breeches or trousers

Knee length tight breeches were starting to go out of fashion during the Regency era, and were replaced with full length trousers. The trousers have a front flap opening fastened with buttons.

Tailcoat (jacket)

A fitted tailcoat was the fashion during the Regency period, usually made in a solid colour but with contrasting lapels. Tailcoats were cut to emphasise a gentleman’s small waistline and broad shoulders.

Shirt and Collar

Shirts were almost exclusively white with a chin height, square cut collar to allow for a cravat to be tied over the top round the neckline.


A waistcoat was fitted and stopped a few inches below the line of the jacket at the front, so a bit of the sometimes very ornate waistcoat was shown off to the world.


The cravat in the Regency version of a Tie. It it a starched piece of white fabric that ties around the neck of the shirt. There are many different ways to tie a cravat, and each has it’s own name, for more instructions on how to tie your cravat go to


Gentlemen wear either soft leather shoes or tall boots, however they would not have worn boots inside a ballroom. For dancing a man would wear flat, normally black ballet slippers, very similar to a lady’s ones. Boots similar to the modern day tall riding boots would have been worn for outside use.


Things to accessorise a gentleman’s outfit with.

No gentleman would be seen in public without his Hat, which would be a shorter version of the modern day top hat. The majority were made in darker colours to match the tailcoats.

Gloves are an essential accessory for everybody, ladies and gentlemen alike were always expected to wear gloves when dancing and socialising, For the men gloves would be short, wrist length, again normally white in colour.

A gentleman dancing his way though the ballroom may also become fairly warm, so a fan is always a good addition to your wardrobe.

A pocket watch adds the finishing touch to an ornate waistcoat.

For those rambling walks through the countryside a cane might also come in handy.