Pre-Ball Dance Workshop

JAF - country dance-3773Saturday 1st July 2017
The Banqueting Room
The Guildhall, High Street, Bath BA1 5AW

Prior to the Ball in the evening this practise of 2 hours is held in the same venue, the Banqueting Room at the Guildhall, in the afternoon.

Even if you have some knowledge of Regency dance, we thoroughly recommend that you attend the workshop. Knowing a few steps will greatly enhance your experience and also enable you to meet some of the other participants. Besides which the workshop is always great fun!

It is not necessary to wear Regency costume to the workshop but comfortable shoes are essential and it is also advisable to bring a drink with you as the bar is not open until the evening. It can sometimes get hot during the practise so light clothing is also recommended. There are toilets and somewhere to put coats but please do not bring valuables, whilst there will be stewards in attendance the rooms are open to the general public.

Ticket price to be confirmed