Regency Dancing

Learn to Dance like Jane Austen

 “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love…”

 Attending a ball, and dancing the night away is one of the surest ways to feel truly immersed in the world of Jane Austen! During the Festival there are always lots of opportunities to get your dancing shoes on, here is a mini guide to help you get the most out of your Regency Dancing lessons. 

  • When attending dance class it is always a good idea to wear comfortable flat shoes. Little pumps, ballet shoes, trainers etc. are the best things to wear. High heels are not a good idea as Regency dancing can involve quick footwork. For a ball the same shoe etiquette applies, think pretty but also practical!
  • Bring a drink. A dance workshop can last up to two hours, and you will get quite warm, so a bottle of water is a must.
  • A Fan. Even in the 21st Century you can’t beat fanning yourself in between dances to cool off.
  • A good grasp of English is a must, as the dance classes and balls are taught in English.
  • You don’t need a partner to join in, come along by yourself and you’ll find a host of lovely friendly partners to choose from.
  •  Each of our Balls are called by a Regency dancing expert. The caller runs through/teaches the dance before the music starts. That way everybody dances the same steps and moves in the same direction.

 If you are new to Regency dancing and are planning on attending a Ball during the Festival. It is a good idea to attend a pre-ball dance workshop. All of our balls are proceeded by a dance workshop where you get the chance to learn the dances and steps that will be called at the Ball.

We are very lucky in Bath to have the Jane Austen Dancers of Bath based here in the city. Most of our dance workshops during the Festival are taught by Liz Bartlett, and some of the Jane Austen Dancers attend each lesson, so you are never far away from a Regency dancing expert. The Masked Ball in the Pump Rooms is called and taught by Diana Campbell who also runs the pre-ball workshop for that Ball.

The Jane Austen Dancers run regular classes in Bath, aimed at all levels of dancers, head to their website to find out more.

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